Lost Forever

lol i post 5sos and occasional tw and cry about life and other fun things follow me. i miss you guys so much!

4 days ago

“I need you, but you left”

6 Word Story (via hiddeninstars)

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I didn’t choose The Wanted life, The Wanted life chose me 

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100 days song challenge (12/100)
a song that reminds you of summer► glad you came - the wanted

"turn the lights out now, now i’ll take you by the hand, hand you another drink, drink if you can; can you spend a little time? time is slipping away, away from us so stay…. stay with me, i can make… make you glad you came" (x)

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birdspotting; Road trip! #Carefree
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The Wanted - A resumé (insp)

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